ANALYTIX 1.0 Suite

Analytix 1.0 - A SaaS offering for the heart of enterprise Data Analysis, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics


Verticals Supported by Analytix 1.0

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1. Telecom

2. Telematics and Transportation Systems

3. Energy and Utility

4. Railways

5. Industrial IoT

6. Healthcare

7. Banking and Finance

8. Smart Cities

SMARTCITY Function Pack


Offerings are Comprehensive Traffic Management and Analytics

 - Automated License Plate Recognition

 - Using AI - ML to detect suspicious movement of vehicles and identifying License Plates of Vehicles - ANPR (for sensitive areas and smart traffic mgmt). 

 - Street Lighting management and detection of faults, light energy controller

 - Red Light Violations and penalization in cases of repeated offenders

 - Driver identification of cars on roads

 - Energy Conservation and trading

 - Others in the roadmap 

Telecom Function Pack

Cell Phones

This area is our super-speciality

 - Behavior Analysis of subscribers

 - Customer Classification and Segmentation

 - Marketing decision support and campaign

 - Business Intelligence and resource management

 - Usage reports analytics and sales assistance

 - RCAs for declining sales, churn analytics and Prescriptive analytics

Transportation Function Pack


This area is our speciality

 - Behavior Analysis of truckers

 - Connected Commercial vehicles

 - Vehicular business security

 - Telematics

 - Railway automation and energy conservation

 - Usage reports analytics and road  assistance, integration with ecommerce websites like (Roadmap)

 - Onroad and owner analytics and improvement of business parameters

Industry 4.0 Function Pack


This area is our speciality

 - Steel Plant (Sinter Plant, Blast Furnaces, SMS, Caster, Reheating Furnaces, Rolling Mills etc.)

 - Process Automation

 - Process Optimization 

 - Energy and resource consumption

 - Optimization of resource consumption

 - Tracking of processes

 - Predictive Analytical Reports, Costing and Estimations, Prescriptive reports

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