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We Build SaaS and Automation Applications applying Datascience and cutting edge technologies

Leveraging data science to drive  smart solutions


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Single Analytix Platform at the core which can be hosted on customer or private cloud providers


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Leveraging Industry 4.0 for smart manufacturing



Smart traffic and parking management through edge computing solutions

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Web Developments

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

We will carry out a due diligence and planning exercise with you as we believe in joint solutioning

IT partner with a shared vision.

DATAPLANT is a new breed of company focussing on developing best in class solutions based on industry ​ reference architecture. We leverage best practices and yet provide customised, tailored solutions as per the needs of our customers. 

The Analytix framework developed by DATAPLANT is the heart of every solutions with the capability to onboard new customers in quick time as per the defined organisations enabling each customers to load and analyse their data in a secure basis. We adopt minimum privilege philosophy to all our customers and their users have just right access ti perform their work

-Users, Roles & Company

-Products & Promotions

-Data Management & Cloud Hosting

-Notifications & Alerts

-Data Security & Segregation

-Retail & Enterprise Customers

ANPR: DATAPLANT has expertise in implementing ANPR solution for automatic
traffic management, reduce crime through improved surveillance and providing opportunity to generate additional
revenue through parking fees, penalties for violation and better usage of valuable assets.

IIOT and Industry 4.0

DATAPLANT has expertise in Industry 4.0 and IIOT. It has professionals with expertise on Cyber Physical Systems and are working on evolving a framework for process control system implementation on programmable logic controllers, and HMI using proven technologies like Node Red. Plant and process optimization including material handling, process plants, discrete processes, energy consumption pattern analysis, etc are our specific solution offerings. Networked CPS can respond dynamically to demands (Production planning control). This can be via AI ML or using a static rule-base in case of slow movements in certain markets using DATAPLANT solution. The propreitary framework is under development and expected to be completed by end 2020.

IOT - Home Automation, Smart City Offerings

- A home automation framework with energy demand and resource management and control
- Central temperature control (cooling and heating)
- Smart switchboards and power apparatus with Alexa integration 
- Smart information display during idling of resources
- Lighting and electrical load monitoring, voltage regulation for speed control of fans and dimming of LED lighting

- Expected to be in market by end 2020.

In addition DATAPLANT will provide real-time analytics by leveraging its Analytix 1.0 / 2.0 (WIP) platform using Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities which will enable customers  to make quick decision and decide future strategy based on the insights drawn from the huge data which will be captured as a result of implementing this solution.
DATAPLANT draws its expertise from rich experience of its members with number of years of rich global experience designing, implementing and supporting solutions for customers in different geographies solving business challenges through IT

AI - ML Products and Services

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